In a fight against Tuberculosis with AMRIT Clinics

In a fight against Tuberculosis with AMRIT Clinics

“TB ke marizon se milne ya unke ghar jaane mein khatra hai kyunki isse aapko bhi TB ho sakta hai.”

“TB toh ek halki bimari hai jisme khansi aur bukhar hota hai. Ise kisi ilaaj ki zarurat nahi.”

“TB toh keval un purshon ko hota hai jo bidi ya cigarette peete hain.”

These and many such myths continue to revolve around Tuberculosis (TB) even today….

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An excerpt from a blog on the work of Amrit Clinics in Tuberculosis. The article touches upon the effort to make the treatment of Tuberculosis patient-centric, create a community of peer-educators, and collaborate with other organizations to address the socio-economic repercussions of the disease. This blog is written by Pranoti Monde, an India fellow placed at Basic HealthCare Services for her one year field assignment.