#PeriodPaath : Open Letter Contest

PeriodPaath : Open Letter Contest

For years, stigma associated with menstruation has not only prevented conversation on the issue, but also hindered initiatives for better menstrual hygiene practices. Menstruation is an integral part of the discussion around workforce productivity and empowerment of individuals. It also currently stands a key barrier to menstruating persons’ access to education. It’s time we break free from taboos, and demand what is the need of the hour – policies and initiative which make life better for menstruating persons.

As part of the #PeriodPaath: Open Letter Contest, our colleagues write a plea to the government officials suggesting reforms that they wish to see in their villages.

  1. जागरूक बालक, स्वस्थ बालक : Click on the link to read what our community health workers Geeta and Hemant, in the villages of Udaipur have to say to the education minister of Rajasthan.
  2. दूर-दराज के गाँव तक नैपकिन की पहुँच : In this open letter,in the link, which is a plea to the Sarpanch of Manpur Panchayat, Bherulal Meena tells about hardships the females in his family as well as in the village of Manpur have to go through during menstruation.

By Geeta,Hemant and Bherulal,community health workers working in Salumbar and Gogunda region with Basic HealthCare Services.