Bedawal25Our Vision

A responsive and effective healthcare ecosystem that is rooted in the community, where members of the most vulnerable communities can actively access high-quality, low-cost health services with dignity.

Our Mission

  1. Build and scale high quality, low-cost primary healthcare models for vulnerable communities in high-migration areas.
  2. Create a platform to promote knowledge and practices of providing responsive healthcare in underserved areas.
  3. Build trained, professional, and ethical human resources that drive effective primary healthcare service delivery in last-mile communities.

Our Goals

  1. Manpur58Establish a network of AMRIT healthcare clinics across five locations in rural southern Rajasthan and urban Gujarat for communities dependent on labor and migration. This will be achieved by:
    1. Training and deploying skilled healthcare professionals (nurse clinicians and practitioners) to deliver community-based health services.
    2. Co-locating our healthcare services with broader livelihood and social security services/organizations to ensure comprehensive well-being of marginalized communities.
    3. Collaborating actively with other providers in the healthcare ecosystem to ensure a full continuum of care.
  2. Develop, collate, and exchange guidelines, standards, and tools for the effective functioning of AMRIT clinics and other primary healthcare services in similar settings.