Current Opening

Lead Training
BHS has recently set up a Resource Centre on primary healthcare. The Centre Aims to train Nurses, doctors and health workers on clinical, management and communication aspects of delivering responsive primary healthcare to the last-mile communities. The Centre will also assist other healthcare providers and organizations in similar geographies to deliver empathetic healthcare. 

Lead Training will have the following responsibilities:

    • Design the training program of primary healthcare nurses, health workers and community volunteers
    • Work with the Training team to develop curriculum and agenda for training of healthcare workforce
    • Build a repository of resource material on primary health care for use in the trainings and field programs
    • Measure impact of trainings and identify future training needs through follow-up visits on-site
    • Develop a network of trainers and resource persons from within BHS as well as outside
    • Review the best practices on training pedagogy in different settings and help adapting these practices in BHS
    • Document, analyze and prepare briefs on the insights generated from delivering high quality health and nutrition services to remote, vulnerable communities
    • Contribute to strategic planning and development of full scope of work of the resource centre

Qualifications and experience: Masters in Education / Human Resources Management/ Public Health / Masters in Healthcare Administration/ Masters in Social Work (concentration in health). Minimum of two years of experience in training and development in community based health or education projects

What does working as Lead, Training bring to a young professional:  Lead Training will be part of a multi-disciplinary team working in the realm of primary healthcare for vulnerable communities living in remote, rural regions. She/he will gain in-depth understanding and skills in running high-quality primary healthcare services, designing and implementing capacity building programs for the healthcare teams and measuring the impact, understanding the communities, and the interrelations between primary health care and social determinants of health.

Location:  Udaipur City, with travel to field areas served by BHS
Interested candidates can send their resumes with covering email to
Last date for applications is 17th June 2023

Nurse Mentor (AMRIT Clinics)
The AMRIT Clinics are located in remote, predominantly tribal communities and provide preventive, promotive and curative healthcare, available 24X7. The clinics are managed by a team of primary healthcare nurses and Physicians. In the last 10 years, BHS run health facilities have managed almost 5 lakh patient visits, conducted 4000 deliveries, provided Antenatal care to 14000 women, and treated 4000 TB patients and 3000 children with severe acute malnutrition.

To support smooth functioning of the Clinics and mentor and train the primary healthcare nurses, BHS is looking for qualified and experienced nurses for the role of Nurse mentor.

She/he will have the following responsibilities:

    • Ensure quality care to all patients visiting AMRIT Clinics with full care to patient and staff safety
    • Ensure smooth coordination between clinic and outreach teams and integration of preventive, promotive and curative services.
    • Develop training resources and agenda for training of the primary healthcare nurses
    • Conduct the trainings, together with the training team including physicians and senior nurses
    • Support the nurses post-training and help create a nurturing and learning environment
    • Identify the new training needs emerging from the ground, develop trainings and material to integrate the same in the work of the clinics
    • Participate in quality accreditation processes, planning, implementation and ensure quality as an integral part of all process at the Clinics

Qualifications and experience: BSc or MSc (Nursing), with at least 2-3 years’ clinical experience in Primary Health Centres/ CHC/ Hospitals.  Those with experience of working in training programs, mentoring programs or teaching will be preferred. Ability to drive a two-wheeler is essential.

Location: Gogunda town, Udaipur district. Travel 3-4 days per week to Clinics managed by BHS in Gogunda and Kherwada block.
Interested candidates can send their resumes with covering email to
Last date for applications is 17th June 2023