The AMRIT Solution

The AMRIT Solution

Image of AMRIT Clinic, Bedawal

AMRIT Clinic in Bedawal

Realizing the need for accessible, migrant-friendly, and low cost primary health care services in underserved areas, we have tested the proof of concept for running AMRIT Clinics in three remote under-served communities of South Rajasthan. In these areas, public systems have limited reach, and the illness load is high.

AMRIT Clinics aim to provide low cost, high quality health care with dignity to the remote, rural, and underserved populations. The model consists of a network of three primary care clinics, each serving a population of about 12,000 individuals. The clinic is set up in a community building following a contract with the local self-government. Three nurses (women) provide clinical care and outreach care to the surrounding dispersed populations. A physician visits the clinics once each week and is available for tele-consultation 24 hrs a day.

The clinics provide consultation, administer basic laboratory tests, and provide treatment. They also provide safe childbirth services and manage emergencies 24X7. Outreach services include antenatal care, postnatal care of mothers and newborns, follow-up of chronic patients, and community education. Social contracts with private hospitals enable referral care. Patients pay a small user-fees for clinical services.

AMRIT Clinics are located in South Rajasthan in Salumbar block of Udaipur district. At the moment, three AMRIT Clinics serve seven panchayats, reaching out to about 7000 families (population of about 36,000). More than 90% of the covered population is tribal, and about 60% of the households have at-least one male member migrated to a city for livelihoods. About one third of the mothers reported a still birth or a child death in the past.

Image of BHS Nurse examining a child

A Nurse Clinician seeing a sick child