A Balanced Diet Amidst Imbalances

A Balanced Diet Amidst Imbalances

Most people have only two meals a day. They mainly eat rotis, sometimes only rotis. It’s interesting how just ‘Rota/Roti’ is referred as a meal here. Whenever I carry khichdi or Poha for lunch, I’ve been asked several times by different people, “Arey khana nahi khaoge?”. While a meal is seen to be incomplete without roti, it is also important to note that many people eat only rotis, leading to an imbalanced diet. 

-Priyanshu shares her field experiences from the first month at Basic HealthCare Services.

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– by Priyanshu Krishnamoorti, who is an India Fellow and an economic graduate from Azim Premji University. She is currently working with Basic HealthCare Services in community mobilization and outreach initiatives.