From the Rural Sensitisation Program held in BHS, Rajasthan.

“We are all like those little pieces of Jigsaw puzzles, might seem useless when held alone, but when all these tiny pieces unite, there is a scenery never seen before.”
The Rural Sensitisation Programs have been running since 2017. They have a significant number of medical students and the program continues to do so even today. This 3-Day immersive camp has led to precious conversations and valuable transformations. Let’s take a look at what participants from Delhi, Gujarat and Rajasthan had to say about the first ever RSP held in North India.
“Being in a dilemma is not a bad thing.”

““Family away from home. I learnt how it is important to come out of my comfort zone to learn new things. Confusion is good.”

““This camp was too good as I didn’t expect that much from what I got here. I saw a lot of new things, I can see the other side of Rajasthan from my side. And yes, I didn’t think that BHS is doing this much great work. मुझेलगता था की शायद ही कोई इतना गहरायी सेगाव के लोगों के बारेमेंसोचा होगा, But now I realized, in this country so many people are very attached to villages and want to work there, for their goodness.”

“Living in the cities doesn’t have much exposure to rural areas or villages but we kind of know their problems but never felt those but through this program, we became a part of them even if for a little while we felt every single problem they might have been facing. Talking to them inculcated a sense of respect in us towards them. So the take away home message is, ‘If you really want to understand things, you have to be a part of it.”

“Just keep the fire burning, till the things are done. I had a lot of experiences and learnings but again there are lots of constraints to put those into actions. Some day those constraints will end. Till then; Just keep the fire burning.”

“We can’t do everything , but something. I understood the true meaning of why the profession of a doctor is called noble.”

“When I saw the mud house I remembered my childhood. When I saw the oily hair of children, I remembered my childhood. I came here for myself. Wanted to know my motive in life. Struggling between my passion and my current course which I am pursuing, as I never wanted to become a doctor. I am thankful to BHS as they gave me this opportunity. I was asked why am I so quiet? Why am I not interacting much? I just wanted to say that I was learning to listen with patience. I wanted to learn the act of listening as I never listened to anyone. I had anger issues 2-3 years back but now I have resolved it and controlled it. I will come again surely and will surely interact with everyone. This time I came for myself, next time I will come for others.”

“I came here after that there were drastic changes I observed in myself. When I reflected, I observed some of the changes, consciously. But I think there are lots of changes which I may not observe. I learn, feel things are – How to deal with a dilemma and how to make an environment cheerful.

“Tu kaun hai, tera naam hai kya? Sita bhi yahan badnaam hui toh kyun sansaar ki baaton se bheeg gaye tere naina?” I am going to miss you guys!” This program has opened doors of opportunities that I never imagined existed.”


“There are things in front of us which we just do not notice and until now we were just ignoring them and maybe it is just how the saying goes, ‘our mind only sees what we know” Live in the present with an open mind. There is no barrier in the languages we listen to and we can still understand our people. Thank you.”

“Good intentions and a motivational environment which is organized can change things beautifully! Also had a great time talking with everyone. Understood the meaning of talking and listening and how empowering it can be. Thank you.”

“Pardon my privilege. -The importance of Primary Health Care, A primary health physician can do anything and everything and the need for specialization is very less in the real world.”

“Ideal protocols are for ideal populations, you can change it for the benefits of the population. Be polite. Happiness is subjective. I have seen another part of India.”

“Each coin has two sides and today I experienced the second side of India. Thank you for this opportunity or else I won’t be able to look at the other side.”

“We doctors often tend to be overly analytical and indifferent towards patients, when in fact even a small bit of dignity can go a long way towards treating a patient.”

“Money doesn’t relieve misery, hope does. We are all like those little pieces of Jigsaw puzzles, might seem useless when held alone, but when all these tiny pieces unite, there is a scenery never seen before. Luxury doesn’t reside in fancy human inventions, it resides in self.”

“We learned how important it is to build up basic skills which are being ignored in our college, or in college we are almost fully oriented towards entrance exams and think that we will eventually develop the skill. But that is not how it works.”

Some from our mentors Dr. Vasundhara Rangaswamy and Dr. Sanjana Mohan

“To see youngsters hit the mattresses in hibernation, in any position, at any time, without any reluctance or fear by early day 2, to receive many creative, thoughtful and frank lines in their little chits instead one take home message they were asked to pick and write, for them to open up to strangers pouring out some of their uber personal stories within such a short span, speaks volumes of the space, freedom and company they crave for. Looking forward to more of such bidirectional learning opportunities, sowing seeds of ‘PSP’, People Sensitisation Program in other parts of the country and the world- why not?”

“All through the 3 days the questions kept coming. We saw an openness, a seriousness of purpose, a childlike innocence in each of them. A colleague rightly remarked, that so many times it is said that the youth of today are not sensitive/ do not care, but we also need to ask the question- how much have we engaged with them? We ended the day with hope and many smiles. And could feel the chord of Gandhi’s teachings uniting us together.” Read more – Voices of our young doctors.

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